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              Welcome to the official website of Henan dehuiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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              Located in Zhengzhou high tech Development Zone, the company has 8 food additive production lines, which can produce food grade sodium polyacrylate, compound thickener, emulsifier, leavening agent, pigment, solid seasoning, semi-solid seasoning and food premix powder. The company's food additive products include: food grade sodium polyacrylate, compound emulsifier, compound leavening agent, compound colorant, compound water retention thickener, compound acidity adjusting thickener, compound antioxidant, instant rice flour product improver, ramen softener, noodle hanging modifier (bright white and bright yellow), quick-frozen product improver, bean product improver (such as Yuba) ), nut product improver, cold drink stabilizer, etc... More...
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